frostbot creative: Blog en-us (C) frostbot creative (frostbot creative) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:37:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:37:00 GMT frostbot creative: Blog 120 120 Tulsa Maternity Photos with Joey and Jayme Last Sunday I took maternity pictures of my good friends Joey and Jayme. On location photos can be an exciting challenge. I had a great time hanging out with these two awesome gals. I can't wait to meet the new member of their family, he's going to be so loved.

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Senior Photo Shoot Thursday Night Downtown Tulsa

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Ice Photos of Downtown Tulsa and Brady Heights I had a great time venturing  out in the ice Saturday evening thanks to my driver Rebecca and her awesome Jeep. It was so exciting to see the iced over trees and bushes even though I know the damage they can cause, I like to find the beauty in all situations and it's always an adventure.

Driving around downtown Tulsa was not as busy as usual. It was like a frosty ghost town, beautiful and enchanted. In Brady Heights the old houses looked like they must be haunted and coated in beautiful ice. It was a lot of fun but now I'm ready for spring!

If you like any of the photos you are welcome to share them on facebook or you can order prints by clicking on the photo you like and it will give you the option to buy it and it won't be printed with frostbotcreative on it. :)


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Fun pictures with Kinsey and her family. 0086_BeachRun2TransitionView1_16410086_BeachRun2TransitionView1_1641BUYING THIS PHOTO
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Drey & Austin Breckenridge Senior pictures Downtown Tulsa

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Rainey Senior Pictures I had a great time taking senior pictures of Rainey at Woodward Park in Tulsa!

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